Tuesday, April 04, 2006

anne marie goddard

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Javier stroked the back of her legs, starting at her calves, past her knees and up her thighs. His fingers slid along the edge of her panties, brushed against the crotch. A shiver ran along Becca's spine and she sighed, already forgetting her painful ass. Not for long though. Unexpectedly, he brought his hand down hard again, atop her panties. Becca squealed in surprise and pain.

Richard adjusted the temperature of the shower water and took off his pajamas. Stepping up over the tub and into the shower, he discovered his legs weren't as strong as he had thought. It was a nice feeling as the warm water pelted down over his body.

He was already getting a hard-on. He caressed it through the fabric of his trousers.

“Ok, that’s cool.” Jen said. “How about Trivial Pursuit or Pictionary? Do you have those?”

So, it was set for the 24th of May. I called Lance to let him know and he asked, "Do you want to bug the Orange Room and where they will eat?"

We were shown to a fairly private candle lit table where I quickly ordered a glass of wine to calm my nerves. We ordered dinner and I listened to Lisa rattle on about college life. I probably heard about half of what she was saying. I just couldn't concentrate on the conversation. During the meal Lisa convinced me to let her have some wine and by the end of dinner we were both feeling a little giddy but still in control.

To be fair, though, Jay could have easily gotten the job on merit alone. At thirty-three years old, Jacob Kelly had a resume that would have impressed a president or CEO at any company, having worked as a banker for Citation Trust for a while, the head of Financial Services as the law firm Howe Associates, and the head of corporate development for Umbra Biotechnologies. When Jay had left this last job, he'd been the target of corporate headhunters everywhere. Ultimately, though, he wanted to work with his dad, and that had been more important to him than a larger paycheck.

"If I know my husband, he'll be thrilled to help."

"Dr. Perry, we've really got to do something about Sammy."

As the hot steamy water pelted my back; I began to slowly stroke my rigid pole. Jenna was right; I did have a big cock. She really had no idea how big my cock would get as the cold water of the ocean kept my balls tight and prevented my cock from reaching a fully erect state. The hot water of the shower changed all that. I was now stroking my 12 inch prize. Slowly I slid my hand from the base of my cock to the head with a twisting motion as I thought about ramming my cock into Jenna's pussy. I intentionally rode my thumb on the one-fourth inch thick vein that ran the length of the shaft. My cock was now fully erect measuring well over 2 inches in diameter on the shaft and just a little thicker at the head. As I pumped my cock, my thoughts got further and further out of bounds. I knew if I were to plow my cock into my little Jenna, I would split her in two. She was 97 lbs of tight body with nowhere to hide my foot long fuck stick.

'Oh, you're going to pay all right. It's just a question of how.'

"Oh my god you don't?"

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